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Our Studios

Our Studios (classrooms) are crafted from beautiful blends: timeless Montessori & Socratic philosophy with cutting edge Project Based Learning, blended with the richness of

Eastern and Western philosophies combined.

Studios are flexible spaces for work, learn, and play. Each studio is a tight-knit community of mixed-age learners who support each other and collaborate daily. This environment fosters a culture of respect and serves as fertile soil for much of their character development.

Spark Studio (3-6yrs)

An authentic Montessori classroom, the Spark Studio follows the Montessori curriculum, providing a strong foundational basis for our youngest learners as they begin their journey at Ethos.The goal of this studio is to spark an curiosity in learning by providing an environment rich with self-correcting and hands-on materials to help foster their natural inclination, to refine gross and fine motor skills, build perceptual and language skills, social-emotional learning, and develop mathematical and scientific thinking. They also spend loads of times exploring outdoors in nature!

Discovery Studio (6-9yrs)

Children become ready to take the journey to become an independent learner, while enjoying freedom within boundaries. They look to the horizon and set weekly SMART goals and strive to achieve them, work collaboratively in STEAM Project-Based Learning, and joyfully learn with with Montessori materials. They enjoy helping and being helped by fellow travelers. The goal of this studio is to for children to develop growth mindset, responsibility of their own learning process, proactivity, self-discipline, integrity, and leadership.

Explorer Studio (9-12yrs)

Students transition from childhood to achieving more freedom and taking on more responsibility, including diving into apprenticeships they are passionate about. Explorer Studio is for those who have already proven that they are able to work independently. Students work on difficult real world problems and learn to write and think more deeply. This studio ultimately brings students to a deeper understanding of their character, while exploring where they are headed.

Unique to Ethos



Nurturing Naturalists

We believe in the power of taking learning out of the classroom and getting young people immersed in nature. We aren't afraid to get dirty while we learn through play. Research has shown that children's healthy development requires exposure to nature, which facilitates increased concentration, greater attention capacities, better motor coordination, reduced stress levels, and increased social interaction.


Cultivating Mindfulness

We are inspired by mindful awareness and oneness from Eastern philosophies. From how you wash your hands to how you speak with others in conflict, mindful and intentional practices permeate through life at Ethos. Through process and reflection, we strive to reflect on ourselves and increase conscious awareness of our place in the world. With mindful choices, yoga, and intentional breathing to start the day, learners are equipped to more deeply understand themselves and their world.



Proclivity of Service

Heroes at Ethos will have opportunities to understand their role in a community. It is designed to present children with the chance to dig deep and understand the needs of others as well as their own strengths in serving. Major themes will include exploring the traits of servant leaders, developing empathy to better serve the needs of others, and deep gratitude.


The Ethos School is accredited by the International Association of Learner-Driven Schools (IALDS).

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