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We're grateful that your family is considering
The Ethos School

We're enrolling for the 2024-25 school year in Spark Studio (3-6yrs),
Discovery Studio (6-10yrs), and Explorer Studio (10-13yrs).

The admissions process is designed to help your family explore the science of learning in the 21st century and decide if it's the right fit for your family.

What child & family will thrive at The Ethos School?

Our environment is an accelerator for the independent learner who can tackle challenging questions, work in an environment of personal and collective accountability, and solve problems independently. Families that are eager to embark on their Hero's Journey of continual growth tend to be a great fit.


A Road Of Challenges And Celebrations: Navigating choices in life is not always straightforward

Equip your child to follow their own compass and take the road less traveled.

Encourage your child to forge their own paths.

Empower your child to embark on a Hero's Journey.


As parents ourselves, we believe in a school experience that involves the whole family.

One of the great experiences of life is the feeling of learning something challenging and worthwhile. True growth is hard work, similar to developing a muscle. It's not easy, but few meaningful things are.

For those up for the challenge, some of the outcomes that have been observed at our campus:

1) Young People Who Love School 

Children can't wait for summer break to be over and ask if they can come to school on weekends!

2) Families Feeling More Unity and Purpose

Families discover that the joy of learning is a shared journey.

3) Mastery of Core Academic Skills

While only a small portion of the day is spent on Core Skills and there is no "teaching to the test," over the 14 years of Acton's history, we have seen an average of 2.5 grade levels per year growth on the IOWA standardized test.

4) Self-Management and Leadership

The result parents likely appreciate the most is seeing their children take ownership of their learning. Meeting an Ethos learner speaks for itself: they look you in the eye, ask powerful questions, are curious about the world around them, and have plans they are passionate about.

To begin the application process, please introduce yourself and we will e-mail you the following steps!

There is no application fee. We wholeheartedly enjoy connecting with families and hope exploring our revolutionary model will be an enjoyable process for your family.

We look forward to getting to you know your family!

Are You Ready To Reinvent Education For Your Family?

We Would Love To Connect!

We offer in-person campus visits - come curious! We're excited to share how our environment is reflective of an alternative mindset towards education.

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